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Behavioral health care on the South Coast is a complex, fragmented system that often does not meet the demand for mental health and substance use services in our region. As a result, our communities are facing significant struggles such as high rates of substance abuse, depression, suicide and other serious behavioral health issues. In addition, we understand that keeping people healthy is more than providing treatment; it is also ensuring that individuals have access to basic needs such as food, clothing and shelter.

To help overcome some of these challenges, we have developed the Behavioral Health & Community Resource Locator* which consists of a wide range of resources to help connect individuals to services that best fit their specific needs. This database is the result of extensive research and community outreach to regional clinical and community partners documenting both the assets and gaps that currently exist in behavioral health care across the region.

We are excited to share the development of this comprehensive database and asset map with you and urge you to revisit this tool often as we continue to make additions and updates. For more information regarding the expansion of the database or to submit edits, please contact us

*This resource database was made possible through a Community Hospital Acceleration, Revitalization, & Transformation (CHART) Investments Program grant, administered by the Massachusetts Health Policy Commission. For more information, read the full Executive Summary.

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